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Our Vision

Be a key player dedicated to a diet based on natural ingredients.

For us, food should be a healthy treat.

Our Values

  • Serve healthy traditional flavors with organolepic qualities.
  • Nurture quality craft production.
  • Promote the association of local and organic products in Attiéké.
  • Associate sustainability with the value chain by acting as an eco-responsible operator.
  • Maintaining long term relationships with partners.
Natural et Organic food

Attiéké by LADOU,
a perfect alternative

An excellent alternative to pasta, wheat couscous, rice, tabbouleh or quinoa. It serves as a base for your salads or mixes wonderfully with your vegetable, meat and fish dishes, particularly grilled meats.

It’s the ideal companion for athletes and suitable for functional diets, gluten-free, vegan, and high-fibre diets.

Attiéké by LADOU has an average shelf life of more than 24 months.

Attiéké by LADOU,
its preparation

For 100 grams, cover with 100 milliliters of boiling water and close the container tightly.

  • For couscous cooking, let rest for about 5 min. During this time, bring 100ml of water to boil Pour the Attiéké semolina into the top section of your couscoussière and stir for 3 minutes Remove the Attiéké from the couscoussière, add a knobof butter / oil and season to taste
  • For microwave cooking, let rest for about 10 min and cook for 2min 30 at 900W. Remove the dish and add a knob of butter / oil and stir Your Attieké is ready to be seasoned to taste

L’Attiéké by LADOU, your benefits

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Salads by LADOU,

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