What is dried Attiéké?

Attiéké is cassava semolina steamed, dried and sieved. Thanks to a specific drying process, LADOU, une Odyssée Gourmande, is able to capture all the benefits of the cassava whilst retaining the unique taste of fresh Attiéké.

L’Attiéké de LADOU, Odyssée Gourmande, is a 100% natural product, with no added aroma or preservatives. Its delicate and subtle flavour makes it the perfect ingredient for all your dishes and salads.

From cassava to Attiéké

The cassava shrub tuber, or root, is the raw material for producing Attiéké. It has been used for centuries in Africa as well as in Latin America and Asia. Its mains use is as a food crop but it also has other uses, such as starch in industrial processes. Cassava refers also the plant

Dried Attieké : manufacturing process

Attiéké, or cassava semolina, is dried through a meticulous transformation process.

Over 2 to 3 days, the cassava shrub tuber undergoes a several stages : peeling, grinding, fermentation, pressing, granulation, drying, winnowing-sieving and steam-cooking to produce fresh Attiéké or semolina. This can, in tum, be dried and winnowed a second time so as to capture all the nutritional properties and original freshness of the cassava.

Attiéké of LADOU, une Odyssée Gourmande, undergoes a very specific drying process, which confers a very destinctive and refined taste. It is especially well-suited to consumers who are keen to find an authentic, 100% natural, African product, which has been produced with the utmost care.

Attiéké : an ideal alternative

Attieké of LADOU, une Odyssée Gourmande, is an excellent alternative to pasta, wheat couscous, rice, bulgur or quinoa It serves as a base ingredient for salads or in combination with vegetable, meat and vegetables dishes, especially when grilled.

In its dried form, Attiéké of Ladou, unde Odyssée Gourmande, has an average shelf life of 24 months. At any moment, it can easily be rehydrated.

Dried Attiéké, cooking suggestions:

For 100g of dried Attiéké of LADOU, une Odyssée Gourmande

For 100g, cover with 100ml of boiling water and close the container tightly

  • For microwave cooking, let rest for about 10 min and cook for 2min 30 at 900W. Remove the dish and add a knob of butter / oil and stir Your Attieké is ready to be seasoned to taste
  • For couscous cooking, let rest for about 5 min. During this time, bring 100ml of water to boil Pour the Attiéké semolina into the top section of your couscoussière and stir for 3 minutes Remove the Attiéké from the couscoussière, add a knobof butter / oil and season to taste

Attiéké́ of LADOU, une Odyssée Gourmande: nutritional benefits

Attieké, or cassava semolina, is nutrient-rich. As it is free of additives and preservatives, Attiéké of LADOU, une Odyssée Gourmande, is guaranteed :


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